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Positano and uneventful days in Sorrento

Well hello there! Long time no talk. I simply haven’t been inspired these last few days because we’ve just been relaxing and hanging out in southern Italy doing essentially nothing at all. I suppose the part about it being in southern Italy is not so bad.  We spent 5 nights in Positano in a really cute apartment with a gorgeous view of the town and the ocean. It was lovely, minus the fact that we were quite secluded and had to take a crazy bus ride to get down to the beach and all the restaurants. It was also a pain that the bus only came once an hour and was rarely on schedule so we would have to wait in the scorching heat for hours at a time to get on this jam packed bus. We also would get tossed around because the road is narrow and winding and every time we got to the bottom I was amazed that we didn’t get in an accident. Seriously, everyone drives like a maniac and vehicles are going both ways on a road that is really only wide enough for one. Crazy stuff.  We spent pretty much all of our days relaxing at the beach and eating entire pizzas to ourselves. In fact, we ate these pizzas BEFORE we went to the beach because it’s really important to have your body bikini ready and the best way to do so is to devour an entire pizza on the way there. Just a tip for everyone trying to achieve that summer body!  But for real, I’ve consumed far more pizzas than I would like to admit. Pasta and gelato are up there as well, but dang those pizzas are cheap and they are everywhere. You’re only in Italy once, right?  One of our days we took a day trip to visit the ruins of Pompeii! That was a really cool experience and another one of those moments where it’s hard to believe you’re really in such a historic place! We walked around for a few hours and saw lots of kids there on school trips, which made me wonder if they knew how lucky they were to get to visit something like that for school! I would’ve loved to have had that opportunity back when we were actually studying Pompeii in elementary, but you obviously can’t take a group of 10 year olds on an international trip like that. Anyway, that is besides the point. We had a good time visiting the ruins and then returned on the many buses and trains to get back to our remote mountain-top home.  After Positano we took the bus ride from hell back into Sorrento. This is not an exaggeration. There are battle wounds. The bus, which was a coach bus that people don’t usually stand on, was so full that we did have to stand at the front for the full 45 minutes of twisting and turning high speed on the crazy roads. With our huge backpacks on. For 45 minutes. On twisting and turning roads. Bus ride from HELL!  We then headed off to our next stop which was a hotel in the Marina di Puolo in Sorrento, where we found ourselves in yet another secluded area. Luckily this time there are restaurants all around our hotel and a little private beach but that’s about it. We’re honestly just killing time here since we booked our flights to Athens from Naples for the 25th and therefore are forced to stay here in Italy even though we are ready to move on. It’s sad that it feels like we are wasting days of our trip but at this point there isn’t much more we can do.  We have a nice room with the most amazing shower we’ve had yet, so we spend a lot of time just… being in the shower… It’s sad. We also only get wifi in the lobby so when we aren’t down there we have been sitting in our room playing heads up (thank god for Ellen Degeneres) and talking about various random matters in our room to pass the time. There have also been many bug hunts over these three days, from extra large mosquitos (we had to get a hotel worker involved for that one as its size was unlike anything I’ve ever seen and tears were most definitely shed) to spiders and flies and everything in between. It’s an exciting life we lead.  We had some overly strong gin and tonics one night, I’d say it was 80% gin 20% tonic, and struggled so hard to get it down that we had to chase it with our meals. We were too cheap to spend that extra 2€ on a coke to help mask the taste so we resorted to taking a big sip and then having a bite of food to wash it down. Writing that kind of makes me hate myself. Ugh. So that’s pretty much it for now. I’m sitting in the lobby using the wifi of course, waiting to waste away today so that we can get to tomorrow when we will leave to Naples. But then we have one more night in Naples before we finally head out on our flight to Athens. Time goes by so slowly when you want it to pass. It’s (not very) funny how that works. I feel like I’m stranded on a deserted island and slowly going crazy. Yay!  Hopefully next time I post I’ll have more exciting news to share and we will actually be enjoying our days instead of trying to pass the time!  Tal

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