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Pisa Pisa

Hello! I have just a quick update today as we will be very busy for the next few days and I want to be able to share the stories from each day as they come! So today we left La Spezia and headed to Florence, with a little stop in Pisa in between!  We got off and headed straight for the tower which was actually very impressive and bigger than I imagined it to be! The town itself is very cute but we only had time to stop in for about an hour and take some pictures. They’re very original, never been done before poses that I will absolutely attach below because you will have never seen anything like them! My creative juices were just really flowing today! Who would have thought to take a picture posing as if you are actually holding up the leaning tower?! Mind blowing.  Also, can’t forget to mention how I somehow became the top photographer at the leaning tower of Pisa today. One man asked me to take his picture, which meant I had to coach him, a complete stranger, until he was in proper position to create the illusion of holding the tower in place. I guess I was doing a great job because 3 other people came up and asked me to do the same immediately after. It’s kind of awkward yelling at a random person you do not know to “extend your arms a little more!” “flex your hands back!” and “step a little closer!” But I did it anyway. I probably should’ve started charging for my photography skills as I was pretty popular and high on demand. I just really know how to get that angle right. It’s a gift, I suppose.  Then it was back to the train we went and a short hour later we arrived in Florence. We’re staying in a nice little appartment that is super close to a full sized grocery store!!! We are so excited about it because we can actually eat vegetables and salad and real food! This trip has forced an all carb diet upon me because it’s much easier to find some bread and cheese and an apple, especially when on a budget, than it is to find some good healthy greens. Not even any spinach to munch on! It’s terrible! I may have to start eating sticks off the trees! (That one’s for you dad)  Tonight we are relaxing and preparing for the week ahead of us with day trips to Venice and Lucca, a Tuscany wine tour, and exploring Florence! That’s all for today, just a quick update as I wanted to post my terrible tourist pictures from Pisa. Enjoy!  Tal

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