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Nude Beaches in Sitges

Hello again! These past 3 nights spent in Sitges were just amazing. I think amazing is my most used word on this blog but it’s the best way to describe these places! Especially Sitges. (Oh and it’s pronounced seeches, like beaches, hence the title of this post. I enjoy rhyming.) It’s just so beautiful (also use that word too much) and my relatives there treated us way too well. They always had food and drinks for us and were nothing but nice the whole time. We loved being with them and their adorable daughter who was just hilarious to be around.

I didn’t update too much because we were just relaxing on the beach and eating lots… Which was such a nice break from the hussle and bussle that backpacking can be! It’s heavenly when you finally get to settle down in one place for a few days without having to think about where you’re off to next and how you’re going to get there.

One notable thing about our time in Sitges would be our first visit to a nude beach. I’m sure that it won’t be the last since we are in Europe and people seem to be way more comfortable being naked in public, but it was an interesting experience… I guess. All I’ll say is the only people who take advantage of the opportunity to put it all out there are those who really should not. Like, reeeeeaally should not. Yuck.

Other than that, we absolutely loved our time in this gorgeous beach town and were so lucky to stay with my second cousin and her family at their home. Like I said in the last post, they are right on the water and the view is one I could see everyday and still never get used to. It’s that great.

Today we said our goodbyes and took the train into the city of Barcelona. It was sad saying our farewells because it could be a long time before we see them again, but we are extremely thankful that they let us stay with them for an incredible 3 nights.

Our cousin Grace met us in Barcelona as she will be joining us for the next 2 months of the trip and then we headed to our hostel, which is a unique hostel choice for us… If anyone knows the group of girls we are, then you’d know none of us have ever really played on a serious sports team of any kind and are not exactly the athletic type… However, we made the decision to stay at a sports hostel. It seemed fitting.

We were surprised to see just how sporty it really was as we entered to see the reception was a desk propped on 2 huge soccer balls as legs and a soccer net surrounding it. Now picture 4 pretty small and unathletic girls wandering uncertainly into a sports hostel. Kinda funny. We couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves. Anywho, we’ll be here for the next 2 nights so that’ll be a good time! We love sports! On the bright side maybe we’ll be able to catch some flames playoffs games here.

For the rest of the day, we plan to sightsee and maybe go out to their popular clubs tonight. We’ll see! Adios amigos!



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