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Madrid to Barcelona

Hi friends! I didn’t update yesterday because there wasn’t much to say. We had another day in Madrid to walk around and we visited the Parque de Bueno Retiro and saw the “crystal palace” in there. It was pretty but Madrid just feels like a big city to me and is nothing too special.

It was sangria night at the hostel so we got to play drinking games with other travellers which was really funny because their drinking games are different than most I’ve ever played. Alex and Hannah went on a pub crawl that apparently didn’t go too well and I went to sleep… I like to have fun I promise!!!! Pub crawls just aren’t my idea of a good time. Can I live?! (Kim Kardashian quote for the old farts on the blog / the only people who visit it. Hi mom and dad!)

Oh, and something great happened that night while I was not out bar hopping! Michael booked his flights to Greece!!! Yippee!

The next morning we headed out to Barcelona! My second cousin lives here in a town called Sitges, which by the way is absolutely beautiful, and we are staying with her for 3 nights. She has the most incredible view of the ocean which you’ll see below! Her and her little family are so lucky to live here. They say you never get used to waking up to such a beautiful view and that is something I wish I could find out for myself. Maybe one day.

They prepared paella for dinner which is a classic Spanish dish that we hadn’t had yet! It was delicious and we were so happy to be having a home cooked meal. Champagne was also on the menu for the evening and we drank it out on the terrace with the sun setting over the ocean. I had to ask myself often if this was real life. It feels like a dream! It was so nice to talk and catch up and just soak up the view with a little bit of sparkling wine. And by a little bit I mean a lot, and by a lot I mean too much, so after a few hours we went to bed and I fell asleep right away.

Surprisingly I woke up perfectly fine, no hangover and no typical hugging the toilet all morning long like most nights of drinking end for me. I think it’s a sign that I belong here and should move here and never leave?! Probably.

We are truly being spoiled here; we woke up to a fresh breakfast on the patio of fruit, scrambled eggs, toast with Nutella and jam and cheese and anything you could ever want. Along with that we have the constant entertainment of living with an energetic 2 year old. She is so cute although it is hard with the language barrier (she is learning Spanish and German) but she is fun to be around nonetheless!

Today will be a beautiful day enjoying Sitges and trying to find a beach to relax on, which will be quite easy I imagine. Until next time!



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