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Lost in Lisbon

Hello friends! Yesterday we arrived in Lisbon after a quick 2 hour flight! All was good and well until we had to use public transportation to get to the house we were staying at. As we all learned in London, that is not our strong point. We made it halfway there and then had to change trains and then things got real confusing so we decided to take a taxi instead.. We suck.

Once we finally got to our house (it took our taxi driver a while to find it too…idiot) we had to go up 6 flights of stairs, carrying our overloaded backpacks and all, which was a challenge to say the least. But totally worth it once we saw the beautiful view up there. The rooftop terrace overlooking the beautiful city and water was a huge plus as well. It definitely made up for the fact that the 3 of us had a room so small it could only fit a double bed (which we would all have to squeeze into) and a sliver of space for our backpacks beside it. But the view from our room was spectacular as well so I won’t complain.

Trying to find food was our next struggle. Though it is much cheaper than London, it was weirdly hard to find a restaurant where we could at least sort of understand what we would be eating because of the language barrier. We ended up eating pastries all day and nothing else because cafes are on every corner and you always know what you’re getting. But we are hungry. So very hungry. Haven’t had a real meal since the one single meal I had in London (a burrito) and I still wouldn’t even call that a meal. I didn’t think finding food would be a problem half as much as it has been so far! Maybe we’re just picky and afraid to eat off a menu we can’t understand but right now I would die for a big greasy pizza!!!!!!

We pretty much spent the day wandering around the streets of Lisbon, mostly searching for food, and stopped in a beautiful garden called Jardim de Estrela. We found our way home and then spent the rest of the night enjoying the view and talking about how badly we wanted a pizza. We wanted it bad. Needless to say Italy is going to be our favourite place ever when we finally get there. My empty tummy is grumbling just thinking about it!!!

Today we are off to Lagos, by train, so wish us luck that we actually get there…

Thanks for checking up!



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