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London Layover

Hello hello! After a long overnight flight with very little sleep, we arrived in London for a 22 hour layover. We decided to make the most of it and venture out to see what the city had to offer! But of course it wasn’t that easy.

First of all, London is freaking EXPENSIVE! It cost us the ridiculous price of $30 for a super quick taxi ride to our hotel, no more than 5 minutes away from the airport. Next, we had to buy bus passes because their public transport system is complicated and stupidly expensive as well. Our plan was to visit Buckingham Palace and Big Ben but with our directionally challenged group, we ended up in the opposite end of town in an area called Camden.

Although we were annoyed and confused first, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. We found ourselves in a busy and eclectic market full of unique artwork, jewelry, clothes, and all that fun stuff..but even better, FOOD! (Still stupidly expensive though) We walked along the canal and found a spot on the sidewalk to eat our lunches, which also ended up being our dinners because we couldn’t afford to buy more food later. Just in case I haven’t already stressed it enough, London is expensive!!!

After struggling with the public transit for another good 2 hours, we finally reached our original destination, Buckingham Palace. It was super cool to see! We also saw Big Ben, the Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, and the London Bridge! It was an exhausting day considering I had barely snagged a wink of sleep on the plane but worth it nonetheless! Now we are finally back at our hotel and getting ready for an early morning as we jet off to Lisbon!

That’s it for today, friends! Excited to see what tomorrow will bring, stick around if you wanna hear what we get up to in Lisbon!

Until next time



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