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Beautiful Lagos

Hello again! Despite my not so great sober bar hopping experience last night, Lagos turned out to be my favourite place so far. This is only our 3rd stop so it doesn’t sound like much but it is so beautiful here! The water is clear blue and the rock caves are incredible. We did a little boat tour through them today and couldn’t believe how amazing it was! It was fairly cloudy earlier in the day but the sun came out and it turned out to feel like the perfect summer day. We had really good pizza with an even better view at the top of the cliffs, so I’d say it was indeed a good day. After saying our goodbyes at the hostel, we walked to the train station for our travels to Carvoeiro. Surprisingly, we made it to our place here quite easily! We are finally getting a hang of things!

Carvoeiro is a beautiful beach town and our room is looking right out at the beach and some amazing cliffs. I can’t believe we get to stay here the next 2 nights! We went for a dinner that was a wee bit too expensive but very good, and now we’re getting ready to hit the hay, falling asleep to the sound crashing waves… I have 0 complaints! (As I edit this now I will have you know that I did not, in fact, fall asleep to the sound of waves, but instead to Alex’s obnoxious snoring. Disappointing) anyway, that’s all for today folks!



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