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Barcelona and off to France!

Hello again! Long time no talk! Since the last time we stayed in our sports hostel in Barcelona for 2 nights and then today we left to Carcassonne, France! In all honesty, Barcelona was a little bit disappointing for me. Maybe it was just because our stay in Sitges was so wonderful, but I found it extremely busy and quite underwhelming. The Sagrada Familia was extremely impressive and I was amazed by all the intricate architecture, but that was the only real high point in my opinion.

It was so full of tourists that you couldn’t really enjoy the experience and all the beaches were jam packed. Our hostel also wasn’t the greatest.. The room was crowded and it was pretty disorganized.

We also had a night out and it was a good time at first but as I was pretty sober I couldn’t quite enjoy the crowded Spanish party scene… I did pull out some great classic chicken dance and sprinkler moves and everyone cheered me on which was quite humorous becase they definitely thought I was on some hardcore drugs but really I was so sober that I just wanted to have some fun… I just realized that everyone else was so drunk that I could do whatever I wanted and feel no embarrassment knowing that no one would remember it anyway… It was a weird night. And to make things worse our cab driver was a real pain in the butt who ran red lights ALL THE TIME (we were terrified) and dropped us off at the wrong spot AND tried to charge us more than we had agreed on initially. Wandering around alleys in a foreign country at 3 am is almost as scary as being in a cab with a maniac who doesn’t care for the rules of the road. So yeah, you could say Barcelona wasn’t my favourite. On the bright side, I am loving Carcassonne!

We arrived here today and explored the city and the castle! Oh my lanta it is such a cool place. I will add lots of pictures but they still don’t do it justice. Inside the castle walls were many little shops including adorable tea and candy shops which we couldn’t resist checking out. There are just no words to describe how cool this castle is and if anyone has the chance to see it for themselves then you definitely should!

Oh, I almost forgot about the spider incident! Oh boy… When we got into our room we discovered a lovely spider hanging out in the corner of the ceiling. 3 out of the 4 of us are serious arachnophobes and the other one has a (stupid) moral problem with killing insects. Don’t wanna name names but… Come on Alex.

Thankfully our angelic anti-bug-murdering companion got up the guts to collect the intruder and release him out the window. This took about half an hour to actually happen but it did and that’s all that matters because now we can maybe get a little sleep tonight… Prior to this we had seriously discussed taking night shifts so one person could watch for spiders while the others could sleep in peace… Ugh. That sounds even more pathetic writing it out. We probably shouldn’t be travelling together. Or at all.

Anyway, we went for dinner at the only restaurant that was open late, as everything closed at 6 today, and I had an average pizza. Not French food, I know, but it was all we could find! Then we headed back to our room for the night and tomorrow we head out again, this time to Marseille! We didn’t get to spend too much time in Carcassonne but we saw a lot in one day and I’m glad we got to visit here for any time at all!

Nighty night! Please hope for us to have a pleasant, spider-less slumber!



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